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JANBAC SA is currently one of the world leaders in the drilling of glass, with more than 500 installations in service and the largest range of specialized glass drilling machines in the world.
In 1994, JANBAC SA acquired BAUDIN SARL, the last French manufacturer of glass working machines, thereby increasing its production capacity and strengthening its sales base both in France and abroad.
The JANBAC/BAUDIN Group now offers you its latest creations: a full range of single- and multi-spindle drilling machines, manual, automatic and digital (carrousel or conveyor supplied), single or in line; calenders for laminated glass, flat or curved; multi-station carrousel-type grinding machines for grinding bottle necks; tilting and rotating modular suction type frames; drilling machines for ceramics, refractories, and stone; vertical edgers and double edge grinders, bevelling machines and abrasive or diamond belt grinders.
Like you, we are passionately enthusiastic about novelty. Our ambition, pleasure and pride is to go on surprising you for many more years to come.

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